Battle Practice

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Battle Practice

Postby Abby Peterson » Thu May 31, 2018 9:38 pm

Bonsoir, Convergence.

My thanks to all of you who, not having dedicated yourself to the skills of battle, still answer the call to fight. The defense of us all must never rest on a few.
It's one of the things that caught my attention when I first came to Convergence as a Liason - you all act like a military unit.
Each of you knows your skills and the skills of those around you and work towards the defense of self and repelling of invaders. It's how we keep surviving.

We return together to begin the trip back; to reclaim town and rebuild. We will not return the same as we left - some of our friends will not be with us, and others we have newly come to know will have never seen the land we hope to reclaim.
As we change, so does the place around us, and the threats it presents.

I'm no fan of the Arena God, but his egotistical demands have presented an idea that I will use for our safety:
Each gathering, once or twice, I will pull two names (perhaps more), at random from those who are with us and those people will duel.
"But Marie, some of our difference in skills will make that very unbalanced." Desole, but I have yet to see the Adversary care about fairness or balance.
Do your best - that's what I ask.

Through this, I hope to keep us in practice for the varied dangers we will face.
Cpl. Ann Marie Bastine
Green Sash Army and Liason to Convergence
Abby Peterson
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