Warning: Giant Lizard About

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Warning: Giant Lizard About

Postby Mytrice Allen » Mon Feb 19, 2018 12:52 pm

Just so everyone knows, Mr. Etienne located a very large lizard that I hazard a guess as a dinosaur after looking through the library.

A triceratops roams the jungle of Epiphyte Island. It is a large reptile known as a dinosaur. It is very recognizable as it has a large bony frill on its head along with three horns. It walks on four legs and has a very similar look to a rhinoceros.

This one had about 7 horns. We named her Sarah and dug through her feces. The Professor, Etienne, and Z3R0 discovered some dregs and some poisoned railcaster ammunitions. Sarah is very large and very territorial.
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