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Assistance Needed

Postby Chris Asbury » Tue Feb 20, 2018 6:15 pm

Folks, if someone can get a hold of Lydia we are gonna need her soon. There is gonna be a fight with Fatheur soon and he will likely bring Frankie with him, we need to be able to flip Frankie to our side and from what I could find out she might know how to do it. Now if we can't get her, that doesn't mean all is lost, just means this is gonna be a real hard fight as he gonna come with some of his strongest Enforcer's not counting Frankie. Might also be worthwhile if someone can figure out how to put Fatheur down for the count after the fight, beating him down will be a part of it, but he (and likely the other Professor's) likely has a way to mitigate his own death.

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