March gather - warning

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March gather - warning

Postby Shana Crump » Wed Mar 21, 2018 3:21 pm


Be aware that I have received news from my fae scouts - Tiberion is no longer following the false trails and distractions that they had been laying for him over the past few months. He has turned and has begun to head toward Convergence's planned gather site, and will likely arrive there at some point during the first night of the Gather.

Things are drawing to an apex, and I hope that things will not go so poorly as before - but the scouts have warned that Tiberion appears "driven by some unknown force of knowledge and will".

This is not a topic for discussion - I issue warning, so that all are aware. Tiberion is a threat - but he is also crucially needful. I urge a defensive battle, if you are unfortunate enough to face him - but any who come with him can (may?) likely be able to be dealt with as necessary.
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