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new vision

Postby Matt Bretschneider » Wed Mar 21, 2018 10:46 pm

I know we have had many things come up and I hate to add to the list of possible growing threats but i have something that must not go unheeded. my vision was as such:

Wind whips around a huge tower made of mirrored glass, standing alone in a desert of black and grey sand. All around you, eyes of red glow from the shadows. There is a humming sound, quiet at first, that emanates from the tower itself, growing louder and more powerful until it seems the ground itself will split. The word ‘Cataclysm’ burns into your mind’s eye mere moments before a colossal wall of flame consumes you.
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I spoke with Salus and was told this is depicting the awakening of Cataclysm, the brother of The Guardian and The Gardener. Salus seemed alarmed that my vision would acknowledge his presence, so i would accept any help possible.

Yours Truly,
Professor Zerxzizynn
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