The Nomarch is Dead: Events of the War

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The Nomarch is Dead: Events of the War

Postby Abby Peterson » Sun Apr 22, 2018 10:22 pm

Congratulations to Convergence, for your successful assistance to Hierarch Ur and the Alabaster Tribe.

It was very impressive, given the numbers we presented against the size of the war around us and against us.

I will attempt a recounting of the events, but I welcome any corrections or additions. I was most assuredly drinking last night.

The Adversary worked against us, as did the bitter Celestials, though force was on our side as well. Was it your, community god? Was anyone able to find out?

It is important also to remember in any recounting, to any party, that there were no members of the Green Sash Army on the field that day. The General was clear in his orders that the Army, a peacekeeping force at large, would not involve itself in the civil war of the Outpost. My work there with you was solely as a civilian.

Hierarch Ur sent a delegation to meet us, which was waylaid. He was taken prisoner and trapped in a space of time, such as he has shown himself capable of in the past.
The attackers then continued on to us to attempt to drive us off, trick us, or force us into service to the Nomarch as Tribe. We drove them off.

Reviewing the battle in the cliff below us gave us this information:
Ur's forces were winning, but the Nomarch's forces were behaving erratically and recklessly.
A tall structure was being built at the far end of the battle.
The Isfet such a chaotic place would create were not seen, and the Nomarch was collecting them to throw against us.
Worst of all, he was sacrificing his own forces in a series of rituals to turn them into partial golems. This led to emotionless, obedient and resilient forces (though thankfully not as resilient as full golems).


Thanks to the determination of the Survivalists, the items needed to destroy his power were found, and several powerful threats, from the Spore Mound to the Sphinx were uncovered and faced (some with more success than others, but - any fight you can walk away from)
Hierarch Ur was tracked and recovered. The golem rituals were uncovered, ended, and defaced.

Samiravas proved his skill at mockery by infuriating the near-god Nomarch into some reckless and deadly fits of pique. All jokes aside, it was a critical distraction.

Tinkerers and Crafters destroyed the tower he'd built to amplify his power. The ritual to destroy his power was successful. And the man himself was felled and decapitated by Hierarch Ur.

The Outpost is free of this lunatic and Hierarch Ur has declared his people allies to Convergence.

Well done.


There will be other notes to come with unrelated questions and information discovered during the day. This note is long enough.

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